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  • Benifits
  • Safety

The Salzgitter EL300R is a factory conversion of it’s popular HL380U pneumatic loader to electric power coupled
with remote control, thus re-powering a mine’s existing fleet and enhancing operator safety.


   Salzgitter EL300R Specifications

Power Supply: 525VAC @ 50Hz
Traction Motor: 7½ kW, high torque
Hoist Motor: 15 kW, high torque
Slew Motion: Hydraulic / Electric under test
Motor Control: Variable Frequency
Bucket Capacity: 0.3 m3
Loader Weight: 5 200 kg
Traveling Speed: 1.10m/s (50Hz VFD control)
Hoist Speed: 0.5m/s (30Hz VFD control)
Overall Length: 2 900 mm
Height: 1 800 mm
Width: 1 595 mm
Trailing Cable: 16mm2 (mine supply)


Benifits of the Salzgitter EL300R

• Enhanced operator safety and working    condition

• Significant energy savings to the mine

• Improved loader performance with precise   control

• Factory conversion of existing HL380U    loaders

• The future option to send loader performance    and    environmental data from the working    end to surface




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