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About us

The origin of Salzgitter dates back to 1919 when Anton Raky, an engineer and pioneer in modern drilling technology and oil drilling, founded the company in Salzgitter, Germany. Through various owners it expanded into mining technology, resulting in Salzgitter South Africa being formed in 1954 to provide pneumatic throw rail bound loaders for hard rock, deep level mining in the region.

The South African company has since expanded into locomotives and an electro-hydraulic overhead loader, but remains the industry preferred brand for pneumatic throw loaders.

Salzgitter Mzansi was formed in 2005 to distribute these products and manage the after-sales service business, including all-inclusive maintenance contracts on gold and platinum mines. The company has both foreign and local shareholders who are active in the business, and it meets the South African Mining Charter's minimum BBBEE ownership requirement.

Salzgitter's products are fully manufactured in South Africa, but it maintains a relationship with its former parent, SMAG , and also represents Hazemag and EPR in the sale and support of electro-hydraulic side tipping loaders, several of which have been used to sink decline shafts in coal, gold and platinum mines in South Africa.