Moving to Electric Power

  • The rationale behind the move to power both the rail-bound and crawler loaders electrically came from the knowledge that compressed air is the single highest energy-related cost on a deep level mine, and any reduction in its dependance would be welcomed by mine management.

  • Secondly, adding to the losses in compressed air reticulation, at night the compressors are increasingly only operating to power the loaders, so the energy efficiency, as a ratio of pneumatic power available to the loader divided by power input to the surface compressor, is extremely low, reportedly less than 10%.

  • The electric remote-control system enables the
    operator to finely adjust the motor torque
    applied and hence the acceleration of the bucket

    • Introduction
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    Salzgitter HL380U Air loaders

    The Salzgitter HL380U air loader sets the benchmark in pneumatic throw loaders (also referred to as rocker shovel loader). Developed from the original German designed HL221T and HL221TSL loaders, the HL380U was re-designed by Salzgitter's local engineers to offer the South African hard rock mining sector a powerful and reliable air loader.

    Since its introduction, the Salzgitter HL380U Loader has proven to be the loader of choice amongst the major mining houses operating in this market. The HL380U typically excavates haulages 3 to 4 m high and 3 to 4 metres wide in flat development, and is particularly effective in high speed development.



    Dimensional Specifications

    Technical Dtata

    • Conversion
    • Specifications
    • Benifits
    • Safety

    The Salzgitter EL300R is a factory conversion of it’s popular HL380U pneumatic loader to electric power coupled
    with remote control, thus re-powering a mine’s existing fleet and enhancing operator safety.

       Salzgitter EL300R Specifications

    Power Supply: 525VAC @ 50Hz
    Traction Motor: 7½ kW, high torque
    Hoist Motor: 15 kW, high torque
    Slew Motion: Hydraulic / Electric under test
    Motor Control: Variable Frequency
    Bucket Capacity: 0.3 m3
    Loader Weight: 5 200 kg
    Traveling Speed: 1.10m/s (50Hz VFD control)
    Hoist Speed: 0.5m/s (30Hz VFD control)
    Overall Length: 2 900 mm
    Height: 1 800 mm
    Width: 1 595 mm
    Trailing Cable: 16mm2 (mine supply)

    Benifits of the Salzgitter EL300R

    • Enhanced operator safety and working condition

    • Significant energy savings to the mine

    • Improved loader performance with precise control

    • Factory conversion of existing HL380U loaders

    • The future option to send loader performance and environmental data from the working end to surface

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