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Salzgitter HL380U Air loaders

The Salzgitter HL380U air loader sets the benchmark in pneumatic throw loaders (also referred to as rocker shovel loader). Developed from the original German designed HL221T and HL221TSL loaders, the HL380U was re-designed by Salzgitter's local engineers to offer the South African hard rock mining sector a powerful and reliable air loader.

Since its introduction, the Salzgitter HL380U Loader has proven to be the loader of choice amongst the major mining houses operating in this market. The HL380U typically excavates haulages 3 to 4 m high and 3 to 4 metres wide in flat development, and is particularly effective in high speed development.

Salzgitter has a reliable and dedicated after sales support infrastructure. Technicians are available for on-site trouble-shooting, technical advice and training. The workshop and stores are manned and equipped to ensure a speedy turnaround for repairs and spares sales.


Dimensional Specifications

Technical Dtata

Salzgitter loaders are very stable and resist toppling. As an option, however,
an anti-topple device is offered to meet mine safety requirements.

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